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It's Time To Take Gaming To A Whole Other Level

With the original low-quality, black-and-white version first founded in 2008, we now present to you, the online version, playable with any ordinary flash player on any computer with a browser and Internet (for High Scores), Lightning Fighters!

As Rated 10+ for violence and guns, this exciting game is packed full of battling foreign monsters, and also trying to avoid traps of any sort. Your mission is to defeat the opposing monsters, and reach the end of the track, keeping yourself alive. This game's difficulty is quite easy in the beginning, but then the difficulty spikes upwards at the last level, with multiple strong monsters clustered together. Don't worry - the game provides you a lot of Health packs to recover health, along with multiple doors to help shut out the monsters. This allows for you to have high chances of winning, but may take longer than expected. 

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