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Welcome to the Awesome Cafè!

Hello there! Thanks to the very generous donation of ClarenceCA$H from Clarence City, the Awesome Cafè can now get its own page and unlimited space too! Now, we present you........ the all new Awesome Cafè!

Have a great time in the Awesome Cafè! Access awesome apps and games, even movies! Isn't that great? And all of this is available for members AND non-members! Remember, signing up is so easy, it only takes about 2 minutes! And it's also free! What are you waiting for? You can sign up for a free account Here.

Ready to have some fun? Select which server you would like to access below:

Server 1

Server 2

Public Access, available to everybody.

Members-Only Access, access with a free membership.





  • Public Access, no membership required to access
  • Very limited functionality
  • Many apps disabled
  • Very slow updates
  • Wait before accessing
  • Full Functionality
  • All apps enabled
  • Constant Updates
  • Access database of apps
  • Watch Movies for free
  • Play games
  • Download Center

and so much more!

None! You get all the benefits of Private Scouts and the Awesome Cafè when you sign up for a free membership!