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Explarcade is an app made by Private Scouts Inc. and provides free games for the community to play, with highly reduced ads and clutter. We do not bog down the webpage with login areas, new games, or flash advertisements during gameplay. We also do not require any membership to use any of our services.

If you are concerned about Explarcade stealing games, then you are wrong. We use iFrame for most of our games so as to bring the content from another site to ours through an internet "window". We also include where the game can be found outside of our website (marked "Source" at the bottom of the game) on most games. Therefore, we are not breaking any copyright laws, as we refer to the location to where the game can be found, as well as not host the game on our website and claim it's ours.

If you would like to place the games we have onto your website, you can usually find the HTML from the Source of the game.

To see the Terms of Use, please click here.

If you would like to contact us, please send any information to [email protected] and we might reply within 60 days.